Database Administrator (DBA) Commands for Oracle

Oracle DBA Fundamentals Example and Code Reference This document is a quick how-to reference of performing fundamental DBA tasks. It just shows the task, the steps and code to perform it and any warnings or limitations. It is quit useful for new Oracle DBAs. Administrative Privileges and Authentication‌ Administrative Privileges When you connect with SYSDBA or… Read More »

Installing Apache Tomcat for Oracle Apex ORDS server

Download Apache Tomcat Server from the below link Download apache tomcat click hare 2. Right-click on the apache-tomcat-9.0.43.exe file and click 3. Click “Next” 4. Click “I Agree” 5. Check “Host Manager” & “Example” and click “Next” 6. Set Server Shutdown Port to: 8085 Set HTTP/1.1 Connector Port to: 8080 Set Windows Service Name As… Read More »

Oracle Apex 22.2 Installation Guide

Download Apex20.2 from the below link: 1.       Unzip the file to your installation directory.   Sql plus** SQL>Conn sys as sysdba Check sga_max_size through this command  SQL> Show parameter sga if sga_max_size< 3000M THEN  SET IT TO AT LEAST 4000M USING this command SQL> alter system set memory_target= 4000M SCOPE=SPFILE; ——FROM SYS/SYS AS… Read More »

How to Remove the Oracle database Software manually from the windows Server

How to Deinstall the Oracle database Software manually from the Windows Server Steps to uninstall or manually delete the Oracle DB software from the windows server: Delete the Oracle_home folder. (check the PATH from services.MSC by right click Properties) Delete the Oradata folder. (Delete all the Datafiles location) Delete the Oracle inventory folder. C:\Program Files\Oracle\Inventory… Read More »

Oracle 21c Installation Guide

How To Install Oracle Database 21c Oracle Database 21c is the newest release from Oracle Corporation in its Oracle Database line. Today in this tutorial I will show you how to install Oracle 21c on Windows 10 or Windows 11 x64 Professional version. Minimum Hardware Requirements For Oracle 21c RAM – Minimum 2GB Network –… Read More »