Ords Installation Guide For Oracle Apex

  1. Download JDK 8 from the below link and install it on your computer

Download JDK 8

Go to your file directory where you have stored the installation file. In the directory folder, right-click on the “JDK” file & chose (Run as administration).

Note: After clicking (Run as administration) a pop-up will show to give permission, Click “Yes”.



Click “Next”

Wait a few moments for the following screen

Click “Next”.

Wait a few moments for the following

Click “Close”.

2. Now  Download ords file from the below link put in your destination folder and extract it

Download ords click here



NOTE: create a folder in C: drive named “ords” and extract it there.

3. Now copy the “image” folder from apex installation directory to “ords”

4. Create a folder named “config” inside ords

5. Set your Java home user variable in Environment Variable. Right-click on “This Pc” and click “Properties”

6. Click “Advance system settings” from the left side.

7. Click “Environment Variable”


8. Click “New” under “User variable” Block

9. Write “JAVA_HOME” in the Variable Name field & click the Browse Directory button from below & choose a system drive such as “Local Disk (C)” & follow the next

10. Expand “Program File”. From C:

11. Expand “Java” folder user “Program Files” & chose “jdk1.8.0_281” folder and click “OK” button


12. Press “OK”

13. Now Open Command Prompt and set your directory to ords folder and type bellow lines and press enter:

or cd c:\ords [pres enter]

copy this line and paste

“C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_281\bin\java” -jar ords.war

now enter your administrator username [press enter]

enter your administrator password the [press enter]

14. Copy the “config”  like “C:\ords\config” folder directory that was created in ords folder paste it and  [press enter]

14. Change or press enter as your default database server location, listener port & database service name. as like database service name is “orcl”

15. After previous step you should give several time password like admin_123 and to the resources location give your image folder directory location that pasted in ords folder and press

15. In the following snapshot your Installation is done.

after ords installation is done then click below link for

How to Installing Apache Tomcat for Apex ORDS server 

Installing Apache Tomcat for Oracle Apex ORDS server