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Installing Apache Tomcat for Oracle Apex ORDS server

Download Apache Tomcat Server from the below link Download apache tomcat click hare 2. Right-click on the apache-tomcat-9.0.43.exe file and click 3. Click “Next” 4. Click “I Agree” 5. Check “Host Manager” & “Example” and click “Next” 6. Set Server Shutdown Port to: 8085 Set HTTP/1.1 Connector Port to: 8080 Set Windows Service Name As… Read More »

Oracle Apex 22.2 Installation Guide

Download Apex20.2 from the below link: https://www.oracle.com/tools/downloads/apex-downloads.html 1.       Unzip the apex_22.2_en.zip file to your installation directory.   Sql plus** SQL>Conn sys as sysdba Check sga_max_size through this command  SQL> Show parameter sga if sga_max_size< 3000M THEN  SET IT TO AT LEAST 4000M USING this command SQL> alter system set memory_target= 4000M SCOPE=SPFILE; ——FROM SYS/SYS AS… Read More »